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“Tax Secrets of the Wealthy” Manual

“Irv Blackman has not only found the Holy Grail of estate planning, but he explains every concept and critical point in easy-to-understand everyday language.”

—Al Kovitz, lawyer, Illinois

“Originally, Tax Secrets of the Wealthy was developed as a do-it-yourself manual for consumers. However, it has been primarily purchased by professional advisors—who rave about its unique approach. It is written in a nontechnical manner, so the client can benefit from the material as well.”

—Edwin P. Morrow, executive editor of Financial Services Advisor

“I was venting my frustration to a friend after six meetings [with tax advisors] trying to plan my mom’s and dad’s estate. Without saying a word my friend went to his car, returned and triumphantly placed Tax Secrets of the Wealthy on my desk. He said, ‘Read this.’ I did. Two meetings later (using a combination of strategies from the book), we completed my parents’ estate plan. Even after making large gifts to charity, us kids [four grown children] will wind up with more dollar value than our folks are worth today. Seems like a miracle.”

—G.K., Connecticut

Dear Friend,

The manual explains in detail and step-by-step how to use The System as we’d use it if we created your wealth transfer plan together.

A comment often made by those who read it is, “Now I know why there is so much confusion when estate planning is done the old fashioned way.” It explains what causes the confusion, but also shows you the simplest steps you need to take to get the results you want.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Enrich your family with every dollar of your wealth, instead of losing any of it to the IRS.
  • Keep absolute control of every asset you own—including your business—for as long as you want.
  • Transfer your business—tax free—to your successors while treating your non-business kids fairly.
  • Give huge dollar amounts to your favorite charities and—at the same time—increase the amount of wealth your family will receive.
  • Avoid the capital gains tax.
  • Create additional tax-free wealth—using the government’s money—for you and your family.
  • Triple (usually more) the value of the funds in your profit-sharing plan, pension plan, IRA, or 401(k).
  • Protect your assets from creditors, lawsuits, and divorcing spouses.

This list could go on for pages, but those are the things people most commonly thank the manual for.

“Could have used your book before dad died. But Tax Secrets of the Wealthy showed my advisors how to save almost $4 million by making the right changes in my mother’s estate.”

—K.N., Kansas

“Irv Blackman’s book Tax Secrets of the Wealthy should be renamed The Tax-Saving Bible. It showed me chapter and verse exactly how to transfer my business to my son [who works with me in the business] and still treat my two nonbusiness children fairly—all without paying one cent in taxes.”

—A.K., Oregon

Who should read the book?

If you’re already wealthy, you learn how to protect your wealth (from the IRS and others) and how to transfer it—including your business—tax-free to your family. The more you are worth the better the opportunity to legally finesse the impact of the estate tax and create tax-free wealth.

If you’re a professional, you learn the secrets the manual contains so you can better serve your clients.

If you want to become wealthy, you learn how to use the tax law to accelerate the tax-free accumulation of wealth. For yourself or for younger members of your family.

Do you need the manual?

About 60 out of 100 wealthy people (mostly business owners) who buy the manual, give it to their professional advisor (typically a lawyer or CPA) to get the benefits of The System. Of those that keep it for their own use, most read it from cover to cover or only those areas that apply to their personal situation.

If you’re wealthy—irrevocably in the highest income and estate tax brackets—then you will benefit most from the manual in terms of tax dollars saved, tax-free wealth created, or both.

Here’s an easy way to calculate your dollar benefit of eliminating your estate tax. Jot down the amount of your wealth. Or better yet, the amount you “guestimate” you will be worth on the day you will go to heaven.

For example, if your wealth amount is $22.18 million (and you are married), here are the four steps to determine your estate tax liability:

  1. Subtract your unified credit (for 2014 the credit is $10.68 millions if married; $5.34 million if single), leaving a taxable balance of $11.5 million in this example.
  2. The tax on the first $500,000 is $155,800.
  3. The tax on the excess (here $11 million) is 40% or $4.4 million.
  4. So, your potential estate tax is
    1. On 1st $500,000: $155,800
    2. On excess (40% x $11 million): $4,400,000


The sad result ($4,555,800) is a close estimate of your estate tax liability.

The manual shows you how to get the entire $22-plus million to your family (all taxes, if any, paid in full). Every time. Whether you are single or married. Young or old. Insurable or not.

8 out of 10 people who are wealthy or on the way to wealth buy the manual to read themselves. The other 2 give it to their professionals.

Professionals buy most of the manuals, 64 percent to be exact. Insurance consultants lead the parade. Then lawyers, CPAs, personal financial planners, bankers, schools, and libraries.

Maybe you, as a professional advisor, need the complete book for your particular practice.Maybe you don’t. You are the sole judge.

The sooner you begin reading the secrets contained in the pages of the manual, the sooner you will become a tax-saving hero to your clients.

The special, charitable guarantee

When you buy the manual, I—not you—take all the risk.

Read it. Study it. Use it. Take your time. For one full year. If it doesn’t exceed your hopes and expectations, return it for an immediate full refund. No questions asked.

But that’s not all.

I am so confident you will be delighted with what you learn and the results of reading and using Tax Secrets of the Wealthy that I am enhancing our one-year money-back guarantee:

If you decide to return the manual, I will send you an additional $100 check payable to the charity of your choice.

“Never thought it could be done! I control my business, but my son owns it. And no capital gains tax. Thanks, Irv.”

—B.M., Memphis

You enjoy the same guarantee even if you are a professional (insurance consultant, lawyer, CPA, financial planner, banker, or other professional advisor). Yes, you’ll get the same full refund, plus a $100 check payable to your favorite charity.

“I just recently purchased Tax Secrets of the Wealthy and your Special Report, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for putting your knowledge down in writing and making it available and understandable. I would not part with my copy of your manual for double the purchase price.

—A. Barry Reed, financial planner, Utah

I would like to personally welcome you to the exclusive club of being a proud owner of Tax Secrets of the Wealthy.

If you want to eliminate the yoke of estate taxes for yourself, your family, and your business, you owe it to your family to read the manual. At my risk.

If you are a professional, you owe it to your clients to read the book and then use it to help your clients. You’ll become their tax-saving hero.

And finally, I hope you will lend your manual to everyone you care about.

Untaxingly yours,

Irv Blackman


P.S. Owners of the manual are family. And I treat you like family. Whenever you have a question or a problem, I’m minutes away by telephone. You’ll receive all my phone numbers: office and home in Chicago, cell, and even my Florida home (during the winter).


The manual will probably answer all your questions. But on the chance that it doesn’t, call me.

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